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Getting it right, from the start
Befriending the child
Making sense of things, together
Sedation and General Anaesthesia

We are specially equipped to deal with situations that require the use of Sedation or General Anaesthesia.

Sedation can help ensure that your child is pain-free and unaware of the treatment procedure that he or she will be undergoing.

In mild instances of anxiety, laughing gas or nitrous oxide and oxygen is an easily manageable and quick recovery option that we also provide.

General Anaesthesia refers to inducing a loss of consciousness under controlled settings – this means that your child will neither feel nor remember the treatment whatsoever.

Our paediatric dentist will individually assess each child to ensure that the right recommendation is provided and that the treatment itself is carefully carried out.

We pride ourselves on getting to the root of your child's dental problem. From routine dental check-ups to emergencies, identifying the real problem, addressing it effectively and ensuring that recurrence is nipped in the bud – the first time round.

Every child brings their own unique sets of needs and dental issues: whether it is treating a trauma incident; doing a routine checkup, or working with a child with special needs (e.g. aspergers or autism); the ability to earn both the child's and parent's trust is an important aspect of our approach.

Making a real connection with both the child and parent is the first step at Kids Dental World.

We believe in helping both parent and child get involved in the journey of proper lifelong oral hygiene.

We engage children through playful educational techniques to teach them good dental habits at the outset. Your child's ownership of proper dental habits, coupled with your encouragement, and regular visits to the dentist, makes for happy, healthy smiles.